A Night in Southwold, Suffolk - 13th June 2012

Nosher, Isobel and "The Boys" take the van down to the sea at Southwold for a few hours. However, whilst sitting outside The Crown on the High Street drinking a driver's half of beer, it was decided to see if the hotel had a room for the night so a couple of proper pints could be tested. After all, it's the least that should be done in the home of Adnams.

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A derelict K6 phone box near Holton, Suffolk

Fred and Isobel on the beach in an English summer

The famous beach huts

Beach life

Fred and Isobel make sandcastles

Seas thrash around near the pier

Freeze-framed sea

Picnic blanket, windbreak and Mr Cheese

Seagull in flight

Semi-opaque feathers show up nicely on a passing gull

Fred, Harry and Isobel

Rusty bolts

Fred flings sand around

Walking up to the cliff top

The Sole Bay Inn and the Southwold lighthouse

Harry and Fred steal the TV-watching spot in the hotel room

Harry - Baby Gabey - rolls around on the bed

Our bathroom, just across the landing

Fred and Isobel do breakfast

Fred giggles by the window of the Crown Hotel

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A derelict K6 phone box near Holton, Suffolk