Rural Norfolk Dereliction and Graffiti, Norwich - 27th May 2012

Just outside Norwich, on the Southbound A140, a little past Tesco, is an old HGV trailer which has been decaying in situ for at least ten years. It's always been on the list of things to stop off and take a photo of, and on the way back from the North Norfolk coast proves a good opportunity. What's even better though is that the geezer there who's running a flower-and-fruit stall by the side of the road gives a tip-off that there's a derelict warehouse up the lane past the trailer stuffed with graffiti. And so it was - a huge empty warehouse with various tags inside, along with tumble-down farm buildings, a graffiti'd portakabin and the remains of a house, now open to the elements.

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The derelict HGV trailer off the A140

The derelict trailer and the lane up to the warehouse

A derelict house, open to the elements

Heavily graffiti'd Portakabin

Inside the graffiti portakabin

Colourful graffiti

The huge empty warehouse

Graffiti on a wrecked roll-up door

A big 'ATS' tag on the warehouse

More derelict buildings

More graffiti

Another view of the huge spookily-empty warehouse

Graffiti tags

An empty, but coralled, gas bottle

Broken electrical fitting

A fallen-down roof

Inside a wrecked house - another empty gas bottle

Destroyed house

Some entertaining spelling

The stairs to nowhere

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The derelict HGV trailer off the A140