A Day at Banham Zoo, Norfolk - 2nd April 2012

It's another day at the zoo - after all, everyone has season tickets so it's sort-of "free", and it's a good way to burn a few hours.

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Harry is all bundled up

Freg eagerly awaits some sort of food-based snack in the café

Pink flamingoes

A sleepy Red Panda

A colourful parakeet

A monster blob of fur seal

Isobel and Fred, sitting on a wall

A stripey ring-tailed lemur. This looks like black-and-white Photoshopping with a spot colour, but it isn't

A whole pack of ring-tailed lemurs

Isobel and Harry

Fred's got an ice-cream on the go

Bright pink blossoms

Fred hangs around

A pair of camels

A big cat, asleep

An iconic Bald Eagle pose

The bald eagle admonishes the watching crowds

A monkey looks a bit wistful

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Harry is all bundled up