Riverside Graffiti, Ipswich, Suffolk - 1st April 2012

Nosher and Fred are dropping off Jules, who's over from Brussels for a few days, off at Ipswich Railway Station. From there, we head down to the river to try and find the graffiti the Nosher often sees on the train commute down to London. As well as finding it, the dude who paints it is actually in action spraying up some new stuff, so we chat to him for a while. Afterwards, Fred's hungry (as usual) so we head in to Ipswich town centre for a bit of food.

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previous album: Sue and DH's Birthday Thrash, Stradbroke, Suffolk - 31st March 2012

Fred and Jules build stuff out of Lego

Jules, Harry and The Boy Phil on Mere Street in Diss

Fred hangs around outside the travel agents in Diss

A derelict building outside Ipswich Railway Station

Bright yellow and orange graffiti

Impressive graffiti

Graffiti and hoodies

Graffiti in action

The graffiti artist pauses for a chat

Rock'n'roll guitar graffiti

A bit of commercial branding

A pair of bright orange graffiti fish

Down on the river in Ipswich

A bit of retro tape technology in graffiti

The graffiti dude works on his wall

Under the bridge

A return to the derelict building opposite the railway station

In Ipswich, a pigeon is stuck in an empty shop

Fred has a drink

Nosher and Fred in the Buttermarket lifts

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Fred and Jules build stuff out of Lego