Walking the Cat, Brome, Suffolk - 19th March 2012

It's time for another walk with Boris, the Stripey Cat, along the field behind the house and beyond to see Chinner the horse. It's also the night of a sprognation false alarm - after spending a couple of hours at Ipswich hospital thinking that everything's about to " go off", we're informed that nothing's really happening and that we should return home. So instead we wander over to Neptune Marina for a spicy pizza and a short walk, hoping that this may re-start the action. It doesn't, but the pizza was good and it was quite an eye-opener to see the quayside since its redevelopment, There was also some surprise to see a road named "Fossilised Shit Street" (ok, it's actually called Coprolite Street) - named after the Fison works that used to mine coprolite for its phosphate content.

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Isobel gets breakfast in bed, courtesy of 'Fred'

Fred, a stick and a stripey cat

Boris tries to scale Nosher's legs

Boris pokes around in rabbit holes as we walk around the fields

Fred stands around near Chinner's field

Boris strolls back

The back of Syd's old shed

First time round: Isobel in Room 1 of the Brook Ward, Ipswich Hopital

Neptune Marina, Ipswich

A warehouse converted in to a pub on Ipswich's Neptune Quay

A serene Ipswich Marina

The Old Customs House, Ipswich

Isobel sends a text

Isobel scopes out the pizza list in Pizza Express

A string of lights along the quayside light up

Neptune Quay by night

The new buildings of Suffolk College (which finally seems to have wangled the 'University' tag it's been desperate for)

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Isobel gets breakfast in bed, courtesy of 'Fred'