A Morning in Blackrock, Dublin, Ireland - 8th January 2012

It's the morning after the night before - Nom Nom's popup restaurant opening in Dublin - and we're back in Blackrock to see what's up at No. 19, and to see the sea for a while. Then, Nosher's off via the joys of Ruinair back to Stansted, ahead of Isobel and The Boy, who return the following day

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Oscar the dog roams around the lounge of No. 19

Evelyn and Fred wander down the road

A Martello tower

Graffiti and the Winkies, in Dublin Bay

Fred and Evelyn watch the DART trundle by

Funky blue-glow graffiti

Bright green tag

Colourful graffiti on the wall at the end of Seafort Parade

Blackrock bandstand

Intaglio tag

Fred has a go on a swing

A small dog on a string, outside the Blackrock Centre

Some dude takes his old Christmas Tree for a walk up Rock Road

Graffiti'd building at the DART crossing

The Winkies, the other side of Booterstown

The off-shore Lido is popular with dog walkers

Pilot boats down by Dublin Port

The bright lights of Runway 28 at Dublin Airport

An 'Air Fungus' flight taxis back to The old Terminal 1 of Dublin Airport

A Ruinair 737 on the stand at Stansted Airport

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Oscar the dog roams around the lounge of No. 19