Noddy, Davida, Evelyn, Jane, Louise and Isobel

Jake, behind the bar

Noddy - head brewer - poses for a photo

Gilly chats to Evelyn

Noddy's 'Brown Animal Brewery' porter

Wayne in the kitchen

Wayne stirs whilst Caro's mum prepares crockery

Wayne roams around with a 'spider'

A starter course comes out

Wayne in action

Louise gets a photo of Jane

Noddy pours a beer

Evelyn and Isobel at the end of Louise's camera

The borrowed café in action

A tasty dish of lamb rack and fondant potato

More café action

Eoghan (Percy) and Jen Mac

Guitar and acoustic bass

Louise flashes

Graffiti scrawled on a wall

Isobel and Jen chat

Wayne preps the deserts

Jake does a 'muscle man' pose

Dry ice does its thing

The kitchen and waiting team get some thanks

Caro escapes

Isobel roams the sodium-lit streets

Back at the hire car