A Day in Dublin, Ireland - 7th January 2012

It's the day of "Nom Nom's Popup Restaurant" grand opening in Dublin and Nosher's in town, following Isobel and The Boy who have been there since the day before.

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Nearby, the previous night's storng winds have brought down part of an apple tree

Down in Diss, a truck hauls away a load of ancient CRT TVs

Over in Dublin, Fred and Isobel are on the 'LUAS' - a tram

Fred on the tram

Fred peers out of the window

A public bog that there's no way to get to warns about loitering

A little council trundle truck roams around the bottom of Grafton Street

Buskers busk on the exact spot that was used in the film 'Once'

Isobel roams around by the 'Occupy' camp

Posters at the #occupydamestreet camp

Fair point: 'Banks didn't share their profits. We won't share their losses'

Graffiti on the 'black hole'

A dude with very red trousers walks past a painted building in Temple Bar

Isobel and The Boy in Temple Bar

Eating pancakes

The pancake café has just a few jars of Nutella laid in

Some geezer poses for a photo

The banks of the Liffey

Fred takes a seat in Regent Barbers in Temple Bar

Fred gets rugged up

Fred gets a trim

Isobel and Fred outside Regent Barber

A very pink shop

Back on the LUAS to Sandymount

A derelict building

Fred and Isobel cross the tramlines

Down at Number 19, Haryanna gets some hairdryer action

Jamie, Haryanna and Isobel upstairs

A long corridor

Fred runs around the lounge

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Nearby, the previous night's storng winds have brought down part of an apple tree