A random photo in the office

A random photo in the office

The kitchen tap

Fred and Isobel in the canteen at Banham Zoo

Fred climbs up on some logs

Megan and Isobel chat whilst children roam around

Fred and Alice run around

A derelict building

A tiny tamarin monkey

A bearded lion tamarin

The children look in the seal tank

A slightly misleading sign

Pink flamingoes

A bushy-tailed lemur

The lemur and its keeper

A lemur does a bit of sun worship

A couple of camels discuss the day's events

A cheetah stares through a fence

A big, furry, stripey tiger

Another tiger lopes about

A couple of leopards

A welded horse sculpture

A big grey owl

The former McDonald's in Westlegate House

Paint splatters and torn posters

A rainy cobbles of Brigg Street in Norwich

M&S's new green wall

The new M&S extension in Norwich has a living wall

An outdoor TV, like Orwell's 1984, in Chapelfield

Isobel looks wistfully out of the window

Isobel in Wagamama

Nosher's noodles arrive

The end of Rampant Horse Street

Our new John Lewis Dinosaur tablecloth