Max brings his bass case in

Max brings his bass case in

Rob's got a radio for the Big Ben bell thing

Henry's drum kit

Rob sets the radio up

Jo at the bar of the George and Dragon

Rob and Max roam around

Henry and Rob survey the stage

The band's gear is set up and ready to go

Max wanders down the spiral staircase

Henry and Max

Max, with a New Year's Eve hat, and Rob

We head off back to our room for a bit

Rob, Jo, Henry and Max in a bed

The band in a bed

Rob, Henry and Max

Back on the spiral staircase

A hundred wine glasses

Max has found another hat to wear

Isobel, Wilma and Rob

Packing down at the end of the gig

Max unplugs

Isobel helps set up Fred's new Marble Run

Fred plays with a dinosaur as Isobel sets up

Fred and Isobel play with the 'marble toboggan'

Fred has a go with the marble run

Fred plays a bit of ukulele

Fred adds his Brio railway to the marble run

Nosher and Fred fly a rubber-band plane

Nosher hurls the plane into the air

Isobel winds up the toy Spitfire

Isobel gets ready to fly the plane

Fred lobs the plane in to the air

Nosher winds the elastic band up

Nosher and Fred in the Cornwallis's grounds