The BBs New Year's Eve Miscellany, Suffolk and Norfolk - 31st December 2011

It's the end of the year, and over the last few days of 2011 there's various stuff occurring, from a trip to Bury St. Edmunds with Grandad, some crazy bird action down on the Mere in diss and a BBs gig at the George and Dragon in East Harling.

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No one's got room for pudding on Christmas Day, so we set fire to it a day or two later

Grandad and Fred roam around Bury St. Edmunds

The market place and the Athenaeum

Grandad walks past Prezzo pizza

Prezzo's full, so we go a little further up the road to Pizza Express

Fred looks out of the window

Pizza arrives

Fred ponders his scribblings

The wet pavements of Bury

Closed-down Indian restaurant

A random tumble-down shed

A New Year's Eve sausage

A gull takes off, with its legs dandling in the air

Another gull takes to the air

A big mob of gulls go after a piece of bread

There's a duck somewhere under the pile of gulls

Take off for a herring gull

Fred and Isobel in Mere Moments Café

Jo at the bar of the George and Dragon

Max wanders down the spiral staircase

Max and Rob

The band pile back to their 'green room'

Rob, Jo, Henry and Max in a bed

The band in a bed

Rob, Henry and Max

Isobel, Wilma and Rob

Packing down at the end of the gig

Fred and Isobel play with Fred's new 'marble toboggan'

Fred plays a bit of ukulele

Nosher and Fred, in the gardens of the Cornwallis, fly a model rubber-band plane

Isobel winds up the toy Spitfire

Ready to launch

Fred lobs the plane in to the air

Nosher winds up the elastic band

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No one's got room for pudding on Christmas Day, so we set fire to it a day or two later