Qualcomm Christmas, Christ's College, Cambridge - 8th December 2011

It's Isobel's works' do at Christ's College in the middle of Cambridge. There's the requisite Christmas nosh-up (which is actually pretty good), a roving magician and a good supply of vino collapso

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Pre-dinner mingling

Dinner chat

Cracker contents are inspected

The magician works our table

Actual proper crispy roast potatoes arrive

The magician visits the executive table

At the top table

Nosher's name card is upside down

John Scott does a speech

The room

A giant packet of Jaffa cakes

Dangling light fittings

Raffle tickets all laid out

The empty, partly devastated, room

Isobel legs it downstairs with a stolen table decoration

Christ's College quad

A college back alley, near the library

Christ's College main gate

Downtown Cambridge

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Pre-dinner mingling