November Miscellany 2: NCT Sale and a Walk in the Woods, Suffolk - 27th November 2011

Isobel's selling some of the "Nosher" produce (apple juice, cucumber relish, green tomato chutney and a surfeit of walnuts) at the NCT "nearly new" sale, at Bressingham Primary School. Later, Isobel's away in Dublin so Nosher and Fred are hanging out. Not uncommonly, that involves a spin for Fred on his balance bike around the paths of Thornham Walks.

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Milly the Mooch waits at the bottom of the walnut tree, for Boris who's stuck half way up

A late autumn butterfly pauses for some warmth on the tree

Boris - Mr. Stripes - looks at something

Fred sure does love his sticks

Boris gets a bit brave and heads down a rabbit hole

Fred helps Isobel with the walnuts

A seagull on the fence by the Mere in Diss

A small dog waits balefully by some sacks of rubbish

There's a more intellectually-up-market graffiti in Diss

Isobel's produce stall

Setting up for the sale

Isobel's ready to go

Megan and Chichi

Suzanne's stall

Fred gets a sneaky hug from Ellie round the back of some clothes rails

The school gym is ready for action

Katrina lurks around the canteen

A bit of a craft corner

Spindly tree in a nice golden sunset

Another tree in the golden sun

Autumn tree at Thornham

Fred spins around on his 'Puky' balance bike

A nice pile of mushrooms

Bright red berries

A carved owl in a tree

Fred trundles off on a bed of autumn leaves

A squirrel pauses with a nut

A long-tailed tit

Big autumn tree

Fred eyeballs Nosher, who's rummaging around in the leaves

The footath is diverted on account of a 'dangerous tree'


Milly the Mooch waits at the bottom of the walnut tree, for Boris who's stuck half way up