Another Afternoon with Janie and Marinell the Mustangs, Hardwick, Norfolk - 16th October 2011

It's Maurice "Mustang" Hammond's last open day at the airfield. Clive tips us off when we're over there dropping off Suzanne and a bag of walnuts, and then offers to drive us over in his 1940s GMC 6x6 truck for a look at the two P-51D Mustangs: Janie and Marinell. It's the first time since Nosher actually flew in Janie, so it's good to get up close again, and Fred loves it as he's barely stoped talking about Mustangs ever since. As well as the P-51s, The Harvard and the Stearman are also flying around in the late afternoon sunshine.

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Clive fills up at the petrol station to feed the 7 miles a gallon truck

The cab of the GMC

In the back of the truck

Amelia sits in her car seat

Janie gets refuelled

The Stearman takes off

A Jeep drives by in front of Janie

Marinell fires up

Janie spins up

Maurice taxis Marinell up the runway

Marinell lifts off the ground

It's Janie's turn for wheels-up

Marinell does a fly-by

Marinell lands

Janie lands

The Stearman comes in

Clive drives his truck in front of the parked Mustangs

The Harvard is filled up

The hood of Clive's truck

Back at the house, Clive flags down a passing Harvard

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Clive fills up at the petrol station to feed the 7 miles a gallon truck