Phil and Tania's Wedding, New Jersey, USA - 20th August 2011

Phil and Tania get married in the grounds of their mega-pad, deep in the leafy suburbs of New Jersey. Sean, Hamish, Martin and Nosher (the old-skool massive) make their various ways over for the gig - Martin from Düsseldorf, Sean and Hamish from Heathrow and Nosher from Mallorca. The gig is just like one of those in a Hollywood production, and it's followed by canapes, one of the most comprehensive mobile bars ever and then some exellent food. After some dancing, and a quick session on a baby grand piano, the minibus hauls us all back to the Hilton Short Hills. All the while the driver is freaking out about cops pulling him over for having passengers drinking from open containers, until someone suggests turning the coach lights out. On the flight over, Nosher's 747 - Virgin flight VS001 - is delayed in to Newark by a raging thunderstorm (which is in the process of soaking the pre-wedding dinner guests who are over in Manhattan on a launch somewhere off Battery Park). After an hour in a stack, we're low on fuel so land at Stewart Field in Newbury, Massachussetts to refuel, before Newark opens up again a couple of hours later. The immigration queues are the worst ever - taking over an hour as several flights have all rocked up together, so the total journey time from leaving the villa in Mallorca to pitching up at the hotel is about 24 hours. It's totally worth it though, as it's a great wedding gig.

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The apron of Stewart Field, Massachussetts. Note the grass growing up between the pads of concrete

Sean and Hamish hang out in their room

Hamish roams around the Short Hills Mall, as we consider the insanity of modern consumerism

Sean and Hamish in the bar of the Short Hills Hilton

Sean points out that the initials on his borrowed guitar case are the same as his own

Our beer stash

Sean and Hamish wait for the bus

The crowds mill around

On the bus

The guests assemble in the garden

The string quartet - at least one of whom was a Juilliard

Phil's mum

Phil and the others wait for the arrival of the bride

Tania and Phil have a snog

Tania and Phil roam around and mingle

Sofas in the garden

Wedding guests

The string quartet relocates

A pile of small boys mess around

Tania and Phil and some guests


Some of Nosher's table

Bernice has a word

Guests listen to a speech

The disco glitter ball whirls around on the roof of the marquee

Phil and Tania dance

More funky moves

Tania busts some moves

Phil joins in

Inside, a small girl plays a large piano

Sean and another guest roam around the kitchen

Nosher plays a bit of piano

Hamish takes a photo as the cake is moved about

Bernice has a dance as Bob looks on

Sean does some gurning

Crazy dancing

A couple of guests say goodnight

Phil and Tania pile in to a vintage Rolls Royce

Champagne in the back of the Rolls

The Rolls Royce prepares to drive off

The guests go a bit nuts whilst waiting for the coach

Back in the bus

The view from the bus window

Hamish mills around back in the hotel bar

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The apron of Stewart Field, Massachussetts. Note the grass growing up between the pads of concrete