A Tram Trip to Port Soller, Mallorca - 18th August 2011

It's a few days in to the Mallorcan holiday. Nosher's up in the hills for a few miles of walking from the villa up to the edge of Sóller and on up in to the hills back over to Bianaraix (for a beer and a freshly-squeezed orange juice) - it's a trail that had been pioneered by Louise and Noddy a couple of days before. Then it's a group dinner, preceded by the application of fake tattoos. The day after, we get the ex-San Francisco tram to the nearby Port Sóller - slightly more touristy, but equipped with a beach and an expensive yacht marina.

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The view of Soller from up in the hills

Everywhere there are lemon trees, but only here did anyone actually seem to be harvesting them

Streamers are up for a festival in Bianaraix

Soller by foot

A derelict Rolls Royce near Soller

Noddy applies a tattoo to Harryanna

Harryanna and James model their tattoos

Bread-and-butter pudding is bought out

James opens a bottle of wine

Caro passes some food out

The assembled masses around the table, for dinner

A 'splinter group' hangs out in the centre square in Soller. The town thermometer says it's 40°C

We wait for the tram

The tram trundles in to the stop

Ev, Louise, Jane and Isobel (with Fred) mill around waiting to board the tram

Tenuous links connect the tram carriages

The harbour at Port Soller

Evelyn coaxes Fred towards the sea

Bright yellow canoes and tourist hotels

Fred's spade is discarded on the beach

Fred tries to leg it in a canoe

Isobel and Fred have a swim about

Louise on the tram

Louise and Evelyn

Boats (and floating bodies) in the harbour

Some sort of protest graffiti on a wall

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The view of Soller from up in the hills