A Manhattan Hotdog, New York, USA - 21st August 2011

It's the day after Phil and Tania's wedding, in the leafy burbs of New Jersey - the Garden State. Nosher, Sean, Hamish and Martin are hanging around in the morning waiting for the post-wedding Brunch, in between bouts of dropping people off at the nearby Summit Station, courtesy of Martin's hired V-6 Mustang convertible. Following the brunch, Martin drops Nosher off at the station, after which there's a train ride to Penn Station and a wander around Manhattan for a few hours. The only real mission is to eat a hotdog, which Nosher achieves at Bryant Park, behind the New York Public Library, on 42nd Street. In fact two are eaten, as the mission was a request from Isobel, who had stayed over in Mallorca for an extra day and by this time was back home with The Boy: hers had to be eaten too, obviously. The wander ends when the skies open, and the canyons of Manhattan fill up with a wall of rain, seriously reminiscent of the scene in "The Day After Tomorrow" when the wall of water sweeps in from the ocean.

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Sean, Martin and Hamish hang out in the lobby of the Short Hills Hilton

Martin drives around in the V-6 Mustang

Nosher and Martin drop Hamish off at Summit Station

Sean and Martin descend in to the bowels of the Hilton

Martin and Sean inspect the scene

Lisa (Lucy?) and Phil's dad

Berenice wanders about between guests

In Summit, a derelict Chevrolet dealership

Near East Orange, some finely-tiled derelict building

More urban decay

Rusting tanks and a derelict building

New Jersey Telegraph poles

Outside Madison Square Garden, the crowds mill around

A cycle rickshaw takes a break by a hot dog stand

New York taxis

A view of the Empire State Building

Dereliction on 33rd Street

A view of the Empire State from 33rd Street

Shiny fire hydrant

A neon 99c Store

The shiny new Bank of America building which was being built on our last visit

The hotdog stand

Nosher's second hotdog (with Sauerkraut), as eaten in Bryant Park

Bryant Park café culture

More Manhattan dereliction

A hotdog stand near Times Square

Part of Broadway, as it crosses 7th Ave. has been pedestrianised: the crowds heave

Some photo-shoot occurs

An NYPD 'golf cart' mills around

The New York Police Department

Crowds wait to cross the road

Traffic down 7th Avenue

Back opposite Penn Station, a wall of rain closes in

Hundreds of people flee from the rain

Umbrella action

Rainy taxis

The Manhattan skyline forms the back-drop to Newark airport

The sky really did turn this colour briefly as the sun set

Back at Paddington Station

Inter-City 125s wait at Paddington Station

Passengers mill around at Paddington

An underground train pulls in

Another underground train at Oxford Circus

Liverpool Street station

Nosher's train (left) waits to leave

Derelict wasteland at Manningtree in Essex - it's been like this since the 1990s

More derelict buildings in Manningtree

A pink-roofed derelict building

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Sean, Martin and Hamish hang out in the lobby of the Short Hills Hilton