Henry considers the stage

Henry considers the stage

Rob helps set up the support act

Henry helps out with the tables

The support dudes do a sound check

Back stage, we get fed Thai green curry

Max eats some green curry

Rob wheels out some porta-stage

There's a big pile of movable staging

Rob's got a stuffed cat on his shoulder

A stuffed cow

A curious pantomime cow head

Jo, Rob and Max mess about

Jo goes surfing

Jo on a 'surfboard'

Jo fires up a very noisy floor cleaner

Fishing for plastic ducks

Fred goes fishing for ducks

Straw bales in Sue Prior's garden

Marinell the Mustang does a fly-over

Fred has a go at 'lob the horseshoe'

Isobel throws horseshoes around

Various bric-a-brac stalls

Fred climbs out of a bouncy castle

The bowels of Liverpool Street Station