Clive's Military Vehicle Convoy, Brome Aerodrome, Suffolk - 16th July 2011

It's a bit of a rainy morning as Clive "Chickens" arranges a get-together of the Suffolk Military Vehicles Trust on Brome Aerodrome (now known as Eye Airfield). Eye (or Brome) is one of the most intact USAAF 8th Airforce bases remaining, with its runway complete (apart from the bit with Roy "Light Pollution" Humphries' sheds on), and it's most likely the largest gathering of military vehicles on the site since the end of World War Two. It keeps The Boy entertained too, although every time he gets too close to a running truck or motorboke he gets a bit scared...

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Fred and Isobel walk down the old runway of Brome Aerodrome

Isobel points as Fred models his dinosaur rain-suit

Trucks and Jeeps trundle on to the airfield

Motorbikes, military trucks, Clive's staff-car and the Chicken-Shit power station

Motorbikes mill around

Headlight close-up as Clive gathers the troops for a talk

A local tells the story of a couple of aircraft crashes during the war

Trucks all lined up

Clive checks the passengers in his staff car

Clive ponders the scene with his megaphone

The motorobike massive get ready to steam off

A bike scoots around

A composite view of the whole convoy, as it leaves the airfield

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Fred and Isobel walk down the old runway of Brome Aerodrome