A Thrandeston Pig Roast, Suffolk - 26th June 2011

Once again it's time for the annual Thrandeston Pig Roast, held on Thrandeston Little Green near the duck pond. Nosher cycles over with The Boy, whilst Isobel follows up in the car on account of not being able to cycle yet

next album: The Bressingham Steam Thingy, Bressingham, Norfolk - 2nd July 2011
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Isobel and a small Pimm's

The Boy Phil and Fred build a beer-can wall

Oak, Martina and Isobel

Wavy wanders around the old dairy room

Fred pokes about

Nosher, Fred and a random foot

Martina plays with Jessica and Fred

Fred gets a hat

Fred gets another hat as he sits on The Boy Phil

Back outside Fred's nursery: the Hairy Cow returns

Fred sits on a wrecked tractor

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Isobel and a small Pimm's