The New Forest, Hampshire to Charmouth, Devon - 20th June 2011

After a night in Oxford, The Van continues its journey down South, stopping off for for a bit of actual camping at the Roundhill campsite, just outside Brockenhurst in the New Forest. The following night we stay over with Sean and Michelle in their new gaff; Hamish comes over for a beer too. Next day, we take Fred's great-Grandmother out for a spot of Lunch at the Fisherman's Haunt pub in Burton, near Christchurch. After lunch, it's time to head for Devon, with a stop off in Charmouth, on the Dorset border - a place Nosher has been to several times since the 80s, including this trip

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The van, all parked up with its awning in Roundhill campsite

Evening trees

Isobel's feeling the cold a bit

A New Forest pony and foal

A grey mare nibbles grass

Moist oak leaves

Fred's on a tree stump

Outside Burton, a field of linseed

Fred runs up to his great-grandmother and has a laff

Fred pretends to take a photo

Great-grandmother, Fred and Isobel in the Fisherman's Haunt

Down in Barton-on-Sea, a para-sailer floats over the sea. The Isle of Wight and the Needles provides the backdrop

Parasailers over the cliffs at Barton

The Van looks out to sea

We stop off for a few minutes in a layby on the A35

Fred and Isobel down by the river at Charmouth

Isobel and Fred build a sand castle on the beach at Charmouth

An optimistic wind-break and Fred's shoes

Fred plays with his 30-minute holiday romance

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The van, all parked up with its awning in Roundhill campsite