February Miscellany, Suffolk - 14th February 2011

A round-up of February miscellany: the Yaxley Cherry Tree beer festival, and lots of walks about the fields or the Thornham estate. It also shows Nosher's home-made media player, circa 2004: an old-ish PC motherboard stuffed into a stripped-out CD player (a Yamaha CDX-500E), with a soundcard and a network connection. The CD's control buttons werer actually wired into the keyboard controller and could skip up and down or pause, stop and play, via a custom media client written in Perl. It was quite handy, although the noisy external ATX power supply was a bit of a pain.

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Nosher's home-made media player, just before being scrapped

At the Yaxley Cherry Tree, someone feels at home

Jimmy, Tim, Guv and Wavy

The Boy Phil, Jimmy, Tim and Wavy in conversation with beer

The sleeping dude really feels at home

Suspended above the pool table is a whole Scalextric track

Wavy in the corridor outside the bogs

In Morrison's car park, the van gets a friend for a bit

Fred helps Isobel make some butterfly fairy cakes

Isobel and Fred wander out to the back field

Near Church Farm, a pile of logs

Fred peers through Chinner the horse's gate

Fred and Isobel walk up the Cornwallis's drive towards the Swan

Fred learns how to pull a pint

Big Al shows Fred around behind the bar

Fred loves squishing mole hills


A yellow flower pokes out from a tree

Fred does his baby bird impersonation again

In Diss, Browne's the butchers looks like it's had its window broken, although it turns out to be a scheduled replacement

The stark outline of a small electrical transformer

Boris, who's got his frizz on, and Fred and Isobel

Fred's got a stick, and he knows how to use it

At the Swan's 'Millenium Complex', the band set up for a practice

Max has to get his specs out to read an instruction manual

Nosher and Fred tag along with a group of mummies for a walk in Thornham Estate

At Thornham, Fred's got another stick

Fred stands by a nice Victorian garden wall

A carpet of snowdrops at Thornham

Fred on the swings

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Nosher's home-made media player, just before being scrapped