One of Andy Sausage's awesome hotdogs

One of Andy Sausage's awesome hotdogs

The camper van in the garden

A nice rainbow somewhere

The Fun Lovin' Criminals at the UEA

Huey Morgan and the lads in the Lower Common Room

Wavy and Gov up the Swan

Some fascist Beemer parks, well, like a BMW

Boris - Stripey Cat - shows off his secret fur

More fascist parking at Stradbroke Pool

Fred runs around

Fred on the ropes

Fred at Soft Play at Moo Play Farm, Beccles

In the plastic tunnel

Fred disappears in a ball pit

Fred does his baby bird impersonation again

Fred plays Connect-4

Browne's the butchers has a window replaced

Browne's looks like the victim of vandalism

Boris follows us up the field

Fred with the cats

Millie mooches about

Boris has got his frizz on

Boris, who's got his frizz on, and Fred and Isobel

Fred chases Isobel through the garden

Fred's got a stick, and he knows how to use it

Fred trundles around the garden with a wheelbarrow

The BBs set up for a practice in the Complex

Rob checks his floor pedals at The Swan

Max has to get his specs out to read an manual

Fred watches the band in the Milennium Complex

We're off for a walk at Thornham

Walking through the woods

At Thornham, Fred's got another stick

Fred stumps along the boardwalk to the bird hide

Fred and a friend by the bird hide

Fred walks around in the walled garden

Fred stands by a Victorian garden wall

A carpet of snowdrops at Thornham

Rosie and Clare

Fred has a go of the new carved dragon

Fred on the swings at Thornham