Isobel and Fred by the Mere in Diss

Isobel and Fred by the Mere in Diss

A flock of seagulls

A gull perches on the railings

Fred gets a cuddle in Amandines

Isobel and Fred

A game of Connect-4 in Amandines

A fire engine pulls away into Mere Street

Fred looks around

The Van gets a friend at Morrisons

Isobel and Fred do Fairy cakes

Millie the Mooch mooches around

Isobel and Fred head out to the back field

Fred looks into Chinner's field

A pile of logs

Fred looks through a gate

Isobel lifts Fred up at Chinner's gate

The Oaksmere's wall is falling down

Isobel and Fred by the walled garden gate

Walking through a carpet of dead leaves

Fred stumps about in the Oaksmere's garden

Fred bounces on molehills

Fred visits Alan behind the bar of The Swan

Fred and Alan

Fred explores behind the bar

Fred and Alan

Alan lifts Fred up to explore behind the bar

Fred delights in squashing mole hills

Fred runs off looking for more hills

Fred on a molehill

Snowdrops push through dead leaves

A bright yellow flower in the moss