The apple harvest is pulped

The apple harvest is pulped

Trevor's pressing room

Trevor piles on another blob of pulped apples

The Cheeses are pressed

Henry tries his new electronic drum kit

Max checks a text message

Henry's new electronic kit

Boris - Stripey Cat - out in the field

Boris mills around as Fred and Isobel wander off

Millie Cat mooches about on a lump of tree

Millie considers following us around the field

Fred looks suspiciously at Isobel's mushroom

Isobel walks around

Fred stumps about

An autumnal back garden

Fred comes back to the cats

Boris has got a stripey frizz on his tail

Fred gets a hug

Boris prepares to boing

Fred in the sunset

Isobel peels a carrot

Snow on leaves

Jazz in Amandines

Isobel looks over in Amandine's

Scoping out the menu

Double bass action

Swiss-cheese-plant shadows on the wall

A spotlight

The Amandines covered yard

Outside Amandines in the blue-lit Norfolk Yard