November Miscellany: Apples, Jazz and Christmas Fairs, Suffolk - 28th November 2010

A round-up of November miscellany: first, Nosher takes the apple harvest over to Trevor Greenwood in Carleton Rode, Norfolk, for pressing and bottling. This year we end up with 130 bottles of juice and 50 litres of cider. Sweet! Then, Nosher and Isobel get the baby-sitter in and head out to Amandine's café/restaurant in Diss for a great evening of Jazz and food, thanks to proprietor Sue who squeezes us in even though they're completely booked up. Then, the day after, we all pile over to Bury St. Edmunds for the Christmas market. On hearing tales of parking woes, we get the train from Stoooomarket, which at least entertains The Boy for a while...

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The Nosher apple stash is pulped

Greenwoods' pressing room

Trevor piles on a blob of pulped apples to make a 'cheese', prior to pressing

Henry out of The BBs prepares to set up his new electronic drum kit, on a Sunday rehearsal in Diss

Boris mills around as Fred and Isobel wander off

Milly mooches about on a lump of tree

Fred stumps about

Fred gets a hug

Milly and Fred in the sunset

Snow on leaves

Isobel looks over in Amandine's

Scoping out the menu

Double Bass

The Amandines Scene

Outside Amandines in the blue-lit Norfolk Yard

Isobel and Fred on the train from Stowmarket to Bury St. Edmunds

Fred and Nosher

Bury Christmas market

The East Suffolk Morris Dancers do their thing

Morris-dancing action

A carousel whirls about

Fred and Nosher ride the horses

Carousel horses called Ashley and Brett

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The Nosher apple stash is pulped