Suzanne gets ready

Suzanne gets ready

A bowl of strawberries

Suzanne's got a glass of something

Suzanne checks her face

Inserting earrings

Nail varnish is applied

The dress is installed

Suzanne hangs on to the wardrobe

More dress installation

The dress is on

Clive's staff car outside the Cornwallis

Loading up for the trip to the church

In the back of an army truck

A Jeep heads out of the Cornwallis

The Jeep heads past Dr. Vickery's house

The Jeep in Brome Street

A transport is parked outside the church

Guests arrive at the church

The church of St. Nicholas, Oakley

In the churchyard

Fred gets an order of service

People pile into the church

The Rev does his intro speech

Suzanne and her dad wait outside the church

The crowd is ready in the church

Suzanne is ready to come in

Walking up the aisle

Fred climbs around on the pews

Clive and Suzanne

A kiss in the porch

Ellie hugs a small bridesmaid

Exit stage right

Crowds outside the church

Isobel and Fred

The bell ringers do their thing

The church empties

A wedding photo in the lych gate

A confetti moment

Suzanne by an army truck

The bridesmaid

Fred roams around on the back of the truck

Fred and Isobel driving back to Brome

A half-track blocks the A140 at the Cornwallis

Driving up the Cornwallis's drive

Isobel meets another baby

Milling around in the garden

Some wedding photos occur

Announcement is made on a megaphone

The grounds are like a military vehicle show

The bridesmaid scratches her ear


Suzanne models the dress

Suzanne's dad

The wedding photographer shouts some instructions

Suzanne's dad again

The reception kicks off

A kiss at the cake cutting

The Tail-end Charlies table

The reception

Clive and Suzanne head to the top table

Appreciation for some speeches

The walled garden, from 1861

Isobel blows bubbles for Fred

Fred reaches out

Suzanne's dad does a speech

There's a toast

Clive does a speech

Clive has a laff

Another toast

A vintage bus arrives for a special trip

The lovely 1950s 'Memory Lane' bus

Mikey P and Clare arrive

Rachel rounds up some children

The staff car again

A troop carrier waits

The half-track loads up with some guests

Suzanne, Fred and Isobel

The bus and half-track squeeze past each other

Rumbling towards Oakley

The half-track drives up to the resevoir

Guests on foot

The bridesmaid eats a hat

Clare takes a photo

By the resevoir

The bus drops off more people

Hanging around in the heat

An umbrella provides some relief from the sun

Clive and Suzanne arrive

Clive looks out

Marinell and Janie the Mustangs do a fly past

Janie is upside-down

Janie flies past

The crowds watch the display


Janie and Marinell

The bus loads up for the return

Fred and his gang on a bouncy castle

Fred is very hot

Isobel scoops a child off the inflatable

The chocolate fountain

Fred leads the disco dancing

Clive and Suzanne do a wedding dance

There's another cake to cut

Clive and Suzanne cut a cake

A dancing melée

Fred dances in pyjamas

Ellie leads some wedding line-dancing