Ducks appear to stand on water

Ducks appear to stand on water

A duck waddles around on the ice

There's an explosion of seagulls

Another duck looks like it's floating on water

A discarded chair in the Mere

The snowy wastes of Eric Hawes' place

Rectory Road in Brome

The car is covered

A paperboy cycles over the park in Diss

A view of the Mere from the park

At 7:45am - Diss and the Mere

A frozen Mere

Snow on the Mere

Look carefully, and there are footprints on the Mere

A bunch of supermarket trolleys have been hurled in the Mere

Some more trolleys' legs stick out of the frozen Mere

The sun rises over Diss

Mere Street in Diss

Looking back down Mere Street

King's Head Yard

Diss Market Place and the Post Office

Pump (Market) Hill, Diss

Relics of the old Intercity logo

Looking down St. Nicholas Street towards the church

Norfolk Yard

The museum and Market Place

A solitary soul on the Market Place

The Church of St. Mary

Browne's the butchers is already up and open

The frozen Mere again

The Postie's bike outside Costa

Somebody stumps around the snowy Mere's Mouth

The town sign

The playground

Nosher's Vehicle B is the only one in the carpark

The deserted bandstand

Down by the Mere

A child sleds past Larter and Ford

Church Street in Eye, near Beard's

Beard's deli