A Snowy Miscellany, Norfolk and Suffolk - 9th January 2010

There's actually snow around, it it's there for more than a day. After more snowfall, Nosher wanders home from the pub and takes some photos in the dark. The next morning, for some reason, Nosher is awake at 7.30am and decides to head in to Diss, before the masses appear, to get some photos in relatively undisturbed snow. There's no-one about, apart from a bunch of paperboys and papergirls, setting out for their rounds...

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Nosher's road in the nighttime snow

What looks like the stars is just snowflakes in the air

At 7:45am - Diss and the Mere

A frozen Mere

Danger: do not walk on the ice. But if you look carefully, someone has...

A bunch of supermarket trolleys have been hurled in the Mere

Some more trolleys' legs stick out of the frozen Mere

More snowy frozen Mere action

Diss' Market Place and the Post Office - just like those model railway buildings

Pump (Market) Hill, Diss

Looking down St. Nicholas Street towards the church

Browne's the Butchers are up and about just after 8am for some mad reason

Diss Park and the Mere

A nice snowy photo of the Mere

Someone takes a photo of the church

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Nosher's road in the nighttime snow