At Taptu, Celia gets a go of Michelle's 3rd sprog

At Taptu, Celia gets a go of Michelle's 3rd sprog

Janet reads out a cracker joke

The Qualcomm Design table

A star balloon floats around

A magician does the rounds

The magician does something with James's watch

John Scott does a speech

Clare gets a bunch of flowers

Petay wins a prize

John picks the next raffle ticket

Quality Street chocolates are handed around

Isobel is about to write

A blur of activity

Some helium sniffing occurs

Whilst we eat, snow falls on Cambridge

Nosher and James

We trudge out to the taxi

The taxi awaits

Huntingdon Road in the snow

A jack-knifed tanker on the junction of Huntingdon Road

Round the back streets of Cambridge

Out on Fen Causeway

Chalmers Road

Chalmers Road under sodium light

Charley Barley sits on a windowsill

The view from the spare room

The snowy gardens of Cambridge

The car under snow

Chalmers Road

Cars at Marshall's Garage on Newmarket Road

The A14 is still just about open

Snow clings to the trees

Isobel in the garden back home

The ash tree is all white

The back garden

Fred and Isobel roam about in the garden

Isobel carries The Boy

Fred's up to his wellies in snow

Fred's not convinced about this snow stuff