Fred, with Emily

Fred, with Emily

Fred trundles around the garden

Emily walks around with Fred

Fred and his trundle truck

One of Fred's favourite toys

Fred continues trundling around

The Old Man roams around in Diss

There's a Dutch Organ thing going on at the Mere

A wistful organ figure

Emily and The Old Chap pick elderberries

Emily gets stuck into it

Fred does more trundling

The Old Man walks the fields

A derelict building

We pick some early blackberries

Isobel checks the fruit stash

Derelict farm equipment

Fred's got a pine cone

Emily chucks sticky burrs onto Isobel

Grandad roams the field

Emily reaches up for blackberries

Isobel spots some sloes

We stop to pick sloes for a bit

Bright red leaves

Crossing the parsley field

Cracked earth

A lone ladybird roams the scorched earth

Emily and Isobel

Isobel and Emily on a laptop

A self-timer family photo

Fred with some blocks

Fred crawls up the arm of the sofa

Fred eats a block

Fred gives Boris-kitteh a scratch