Jamie and Fred

Jamie and Fred

Fred looks around

Rena and Fred

Louise takes a photo

Rena and Fred again

The new kittens finally come out

Fred's got some food on his face

Boris jumps at something

Millie the Mooch explores

Millie does more exploring

Millie the Mooch

Fred looks back

The kittens eat Mog Nosh

Fred's got a fire engine

Boris explores a straw hat

Boris Kitten rolls over and shows secret fur

Millie attacks Boris's paw

Boris considers upstairs

Boris peers over the arm of the sofa

Oilseed stubble in the moonlight

Millie in the kitchen

Boris perches on Fred's chair

The kittens go mad for ball-on-a-string

Millie the Mooch leaps in to action

Millie and Boris

Another moolit field

The full moon, and a moon-bow, towards the right

The lounge is ready for sanding

The sofa has been chucked out through the window