Fred and Isobel in Beard's café in Eye

Fred and Isobel in Beard's café in Eye

Fred's strapped in to a new bike seat on The Avenue

A pair of interesting beetles roam around

A red beetle with black legs, on a piece of wood

A single daisy in the lawn

A small yellow buttercup

Fred and Isobel hang out in the MX-5

Clare and Carmen in Wavy's field

Rosie comes over to inspect a toy

Clare is surrounded by baby guff

The Boy Phil gives Jessica's chair a shake

Mikey P checks the cremation level on his burger

Phil does some child tormenting as Ninja M watches

Wavy roams around

Smoke lingers over the old caravan

Carmen and Isobel huddle around the fire

Martina looks over

Wavy's in bat for a game of cricket

The Boy Phil hands over the bat

Wavy runs around

The sun sets over the field

A cute spaniel

All around the camp fire

The night sets in

Sparks fly as Martina pokes the fire

Andy swings by

Martina holds a small lantern up

A spreading oak tree

Our tent for the night