A Trip to Brussels, Belgium - 5th April 2009

Isobel and Fred head out to Brussles to see Jules and Pieter. Nosher's a bit tied up at work, but decides at the last minute to go out for the Saturday night (via Eurostar). The idiot car-park ticket machine at Cambridge station nearly scuppers the whole thing, as it seems impossible to get a standard "day" ticket. Insult is added to injury as a late train manages to wait until literally 2 seconds before Nosher gets to its doors before leaving. However, the next train still gets Nosher to St. Pancras in "that there London" with about 15 minutes to spare - plenty of time :-). Upon arriving in Brussels, it's time for Moules et Frites and a Dutch-language DVD, followed by a morning out with Pieter to go and see the Atomium, out the the Brussels Expo park...

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In Cambridge, it's a night out down The Punter pub in Cambridge, for Hani's last night before returning to San Diego

Brett, Ben and Hani at the bar

The ghost of the barman serves beer

The lads at the bar

Meanwhile, over in Brussels, Fred's waiting for a train

Over in Brussels, Natan's playing guitar in his first gig

Jules waves a programme about

Pieter lines up a pinhole photo of a gnome

Kai plays with a balloon as Pieter sands down the next pinhole contender

Kai and Natan in the kitchen

A pinhole camera shot of an apple and a Chinese dragon

Pieter's wireless

Brussel's street life

A Lambourghini waits outside a restaurant

Fred peers at the tablecloth

Isobel and Fred in a pinhole camera shot

The newly-restored Atomium

Shiny stainless-steel balls

Groovy 50s atomic architecture

The whole of the atomium in lovely fisheye distortion

Crowds mill around at the bottom of the Atomium

Pieter's on a pinhole shoot again

Shiny steel ball, and some cool reflections

Atomic structure

More 1950s styling

Pieter checks some of his pinhole results

The Belgian flag flies

Pieter takes a pinhole of a blade of grass

Some hardcore cyclists speed by

A derelict building is spotted on the edge of the Expo park

A wrecked building just like it was out of the film 'Logan's Run'

Discarded rubbish


Back in Brussels. The Boys play around in a sand pit. Jules looks on

Hangin' out on a bench

Kai and the Fredster

All the boys

Fred and Pieter

On the Eurostar, Fred eats some orange goo

Time for a drink

St. Pancras Eurostar terminal

Fred sleeps as a train to Hull waits at Kings Cross

Passengers stream on to the train as its platform is announced

We head of to catch the Cambridge train

Fred and Isobel wait on the train

Isobel and Fred

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In Cambridge, it's a night out down The Punter pub in Cambridge, for Hani's last night before returning to San Diego