The Taptu Teddies are having a party

The Taptu Teddies are having a party

The snowy road to Wetherden

A snowy field

Looking back to Haughley Green

A sign and a post-box stand out in red

Fred and Isobel in the office

Fred, backed by a collection of Vic 20s and Commodore 64s

Isobel gets back to the house on 'V Day' to find a surprise

Valentine's Day chocolates in the kitchen

Zack crawls around on the floor

Over in Cambridge, it's Zack's 1st birthday

Meanwhile, Fred's asleep

The view from Chalmer's Road

Another view of suburban Cambridge

Macauley Culkin is reflected in the window

Fred borrows Zack's DJ Station

Diss Mere

Isobel and Fred

Isobel shows Fred the Mere

Fred and Isobel

Fred the Head in Mere Moments café

Nosher looks out of the window

Nosher and The Boy

Fred gets the kiss - it looks like a photoshoot

Fred and Isobel

In the woods at East Harling

The answer to the ultimate question is written in the trees

Walking up a sandy lane

Isobel spots some groovy mushrooms on a dead log

Isobel and pram

Wispy wide-angle trees

A low sun through the trees

A mysterious sign points the way

Isobel off-roads the buggy

A Fred's-eye view of things

Back on the sandy bridleway

The last car in the car park

An evening pond

Trees over a sunset pond

Big tree at Redgrave Fen

Intense sunset over Thrandeston