January Misc: New Year, Suffolk - 6th January 2009

It's the first round-up of the new year. Talking of which, it kicks off with Marc, Sue and The Boy Phil around Nosher and Isobel's for a slap-up Indian feed-fest. After this, we head up for a couple of beers at the Swan, to take us over in to 2009. Then, we're in Diss for the "Saturday Sausage", and get a couple of pics of Diss Woolworths - shortly before the legendary shop chain disappears for ever. Then, there's a walk around the nearby fields, and Fred starts to play the piano (at only 3 months - how precocious, huh?)

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The return of Nigel, and the rest of the gang at the Brome Swan

Fred gets a bit of a doze

Bernie and Jean, on their way out

'Nana' looks suspiciously at Nosher

Sylivia, Claire and Jessica

The Boy Phil, Sue and Marc

Nosher and Fred, by the Mere in Diss

Ducks mill around the edge of the mostly-frozen Mere

The end of an era: the end of Woolworths

The inside of the gutted Diss Woolworths

Iz waits in the queue in Browne's the butchers in Diss

We grab a coffee and milk-shake in 'Mere Moments' café in Diss

Fred goes a bit 'off road'

Isobel gets a bit of vengeance on frozen puddles

Cool patterns in frozen water

Fred looks worried

We stop off at The Swan for a hot chocolate (and a beer) - Sylvia gets a go

Fred bounces about

Fred the head

In the glow of a night-light, Isobel changes The Boy

Nosher does a spot of grouting. Fred leaves his mark

Isobel teaches a bit of piano to Fred

Fred's a little worried that he's not at Grade 8 yet

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The return of Nigel, and the rest of the gang at the Brome Swan