Sleep time, one of 20 hours a day

Sleep time, one of 20 hours a day

Another cliché but unavoidable 'tiny fingers' photo

Fred and Isobel flake out for an afternoon nap

More sleeping, with a mohican

Fred does the double power salute pose

A derelict caravan on the end of Ward Road

Isobel heads out with the Mummy Mafia

The mums take the sprogs out for a walk

New mums, and Caoimhe the Shoe on Birdwood Road

An empty bus shelter, Birdwood Road

Makeshift fencing rusts away

A manky stream, with a shopping trolley

Cherry Hinton park

Caroline and Isobel in Cherry Hinton Park

Isobel checks on Fred

Fred with his bear-ears jacket

We stride around Cherry Hinton Hall park

Scummy/oily water in Cherry Hinto Hall park

Fred's natty jump-suit tells it like it is

More tiny feet

The tub bath is ready

Fred's first bath - he doesn't look too keen

Fred hangs about in his den

In a stripey top

A study in blue

More tiny fingers

Fred in some dungarees

Fred in Taptu's office on the Science park

Rosie, Lindsey and Michelle have a go

Fred takes a turn near the Taptu Awards stash

Louise and Craig at Qualcomm have a go