Taptu's First Birthday and Suffolk Miscellany - 19th October 2008

Nosher's work - Taptu - celebrates one year since it officially went "live", with an appropriately "1"-shaped cake and some fizz. Also, Wavy and Martina come over for a spot of Sunday lunch, and there's some fish action down at the Mere in Diss

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Crowds gather to watch a young lad haul in a rather large fish

Back in the Nursery, Jules (from Iowa, via Brussels) comes over to help Iz out for a week

Jules and Iz pause to inspect the fruits of the decorative labours

At Taptu, the cake is revealed

Stef, the CTO, cuts the cake

The assmebled Taptu massive

Stef continues to slice it up, with some assistance from Michelle

Jake pours out some fizz

One of the little icing figures has met a sorry end

Back in Diss, the Mere looks nice and autumnal

Fred peers around

Martina has a go of Fred

Martina and Wavy flick through some old photos

Modern parenting: Iz looks up facebook as Fred stares at stuff out of the window

Isobel Skypes back to Dublin

Wavy continues poking through old photos

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Crowds gather to watch a young lad haul in a rather large fish