October Misc, and Sprogpix 2: Fred's Further Adventures - 10th October 2008

The inevitable: some photos of Nosher and Isobel's sprog, Fred, in action; including the first bath (after a week, the poor stinky thing) and a trip to the various places of work for a showing off - first to Taptu, and then round the corner to Qualcomm Cambridge

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Sleep time (well, it does take up 20 hours a day...)

Another cliché but unavoidable 'tiny fingers' photo

Fred and Isobel zed out for an afternoon nap

More sleeping

At the end of Chalmers Road in Cambridge - a caravan covered in graffiti

The mums take the sprogs out for a walk

An empty bus shelter, Birdwood Road

Makeshift fencing, courtesy of some scaffolding, rusts away


Fred with his bear-ears jacket

Iz, Caroline and Caoimhe stride around Cherry Hinton Hall park

A dark, sheltered, place and some scummy/oily water

Fred's natty jump-suit tells it like it is

The first bath. Doesn't look too keen, really...

Fred hangs about in his den, and maybe spots himself in the mirror

Slobbing about

A study in blue

More tiny fingers

In Taptu's offices, Rosie, Lindsey and Michelle have a go

Fred taks a turn near the Taptu Awards stash

Over at Qualcomm, it's Louise and Craig's turn to give Fred a go

Far-away stares

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Sleep time (well, it does take up 20 hours a day...)