Rena checks the form at Mere Moments café

Rena checks the form at Mere Moments café

Bookmaker stands at the July Course

Bookies in action

Isobel and Rena at Newmarket

A bet is placed

The July course

Nosher gets a bit of 'lens envy'

A throng of horses

Assembled crowds and bet boards

A couple of jockeys hang around

Some dude off of the telly prepares for a session

Isobel and Rena, with a Pimms

A thatched building behind the course

A horse walks around the parade ring

A horse and jockey

More jockeying and parading

A couple more thoroughbreds get led round

The race for the winning post

A perky-eared thoroughbread is paraded

A ponytail and a pony's tail

Another impressive horse

Expectant punters

A stereotypical racegoer places a bet

TV cameras high up on cherry-pickers film the race

The pack comes in to the final straight

At the Pink Bar for more Pimms

A drink at the races

Isobel takes a photo

A sweaty horse is filmed

The presentation after the race

Champagne and prizes are handed out

Hats out, like it's Ascot

Members Enclosure-types mill around

A small girl looks out over the July course

Up in the gallery

The Newmarket July Course lookout hut on stilts

A horse comes in

The winning horse

A horse gets a bucket of water after the race

The winning jockey gets some fizz

A balloon is going up in the Oaksmere

Some dude wanders around inside the envelope

The two balloons exchange a quick kiss

Isobel, Alan, Matthew, and Rena watch the balloons

One balloon gets an early start

The leafy lane up to the Cornwallis Arms