Folk musicians in the Kingston Arms

Folk musicians in the Kingston Arms

We have goodbye pizza with Anne in Cambridge

Noddy and Isobel in the Jesus Lane car park

Aussie band 'The Waifs' at the Folk Festival

The crowds at the folk festival

Improvisng an umbrella out of a wheelie bin

Isobel in a camp chair

Matt taps Isobel in the shoulder

Emma eats some festival food

A couple of lads do the spinner-on-string thing

This lad looks like a 1940s photo

A sliver of rainbow

An illuminated star

Crowds in the main stage tent

Billy Bragg on stage

The wicker fiddler

Sophie's up a tree

Soph-bags climbs around up a tree

The BBs have a beer in another marquee

Henry checks out the stage

Rob compares shoe sizes

Rob twiddles knobs as Jo chats to the organiser

Rob gets a sit in an XK Jaguar

Rob in a Jag

There's a nice roadster in a garage

Sophie disolves into the lawn

Noddy makes curtains on a 1930s Singer

Black clouds over a stubble field

Golden stubble and dark clouds

Isobel stands proudly by her giant sunflowers

A big sunflower

Isobel checks the sunflowers out

Mick the Brick comes in to plaster up the new room

A mystery sign outside the girls' bogs at Hartismere

Isobel models the bump