A Day At The Races, Newmarket, Suffolk - 23rd August 2008

Isobel's mother is over for the weekend (from Dublin). One of her favourite things is a "bit of a flutter", so we decide that it's a nice idea to take her over to Newmarket for the day to see the horsies.

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Isobel and Mrs D (checking the form) round the secret spot at Mere Moments café in Diss

The moon hangs over the Mere

Isobel and Mrs D at Newmarket

A bet is placed

Nosher gets a bit of 'lens envy'

The second race comes in

A throng of horses

Assembled crowds and bet boards at the July Course, Newmarket

A couple of jockeys hang around

Some dude off of the telly (that Mrs. D seems to know) prepares for a session

A horse walks around the parade ring

Horse and jockey

More jockeying

The race for the winning post

The final gallop

A perky-eared thoroughbread is paraded before the race

Horse's arse! (or ponytail and a pony's tail)

Expectant punters

Iz and her Ma at the champagne 'Pink Bar'

Isobel takes a photo

A small girl looks out over the July course

Up in the gallery

A railway-signal-box-like shed watches over the finish line

A horse trots up to the start

A horse gets a welcome bucket of water after the race

When we get back to Brome, a couple of balloons are going up across the road from Nosher's

The balloon slowly inflates with hot air

Some dude wanders around inside the envelope to check stuff

The two balloons exchange a quick kiss

Isobel, Alan (off of the pub) with grandson Matthew, and Iz's Ma watch the balloons

One balloon gets an early start - the other waits to go

The leafy lane up to the Cornwallis Arms

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Isobel and Mrs D (checking the form) round the secret spot at Mere Moments café in Diss