A Day Trip to Firenze, Italy - 24th July 2008

Nosher drives the sprog-hauler up the autostrada, complete with Isobel, Jules & Pieter and the Finnish Massive, to the near-ish town of Firenze (or Florence), where we have a spot of food and a bit of a wander around (along with what seems like half of the entire global population).

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Somewhere near the station where we'd parked the sprog-hauler, the gang mill around

Pieter spots a cute pink three-wheeler van

Some street art occurs

Teeming hordes

A quieter spot, and some long steps

Old-skool pizza restaurant sign

Ville models a small sun-shelter from a paper napkin

Isobel keeps cool with a fan

Il Duomo, on first sight

Tourists ahoy!

The classic view of the dome

Pieter wanders about through the entrance to the university

Pieter and a door-full of graffiti and old fly posters

A bunch of statues

The fake David flashes his wang at the crowds

David and flags

Like in Rome, a load of 'love padlocks' adorn chainlink fences near the river

A combination 'love padlock'

An older-than-usual pair on a moped

Pieter roams about

A shirt-less dude gets his portrait done as tourists gawk

A roadwork light, out of place, near the Ponte Vecchia

The shutters of the Ponte Vecchia

Crowds throng the Ponte Vecchia

A globe on the back of a bike

More street art/graffiti

Not only in Cambridge are bikes arbitrarily mangled

A dude chills out with a ciggy on the pontoon of a bridge

Another roadwork flasher stuck on top of a road sign

The Ponte Vechhia, from a nearby bridge

Graffiti on a bridge pontoon

Pieter emerges from a packed shop

Kids stroke the nose of a drooling bronze boar

Firenze market

A pavement pastelista

Pieter gets in touch with the girls

The statue of Neptune

A lost tourist

Another cliché shot of Il Duomo

Tourists throng around at the base of the golden doorway

Pieter looks at some posters

A woman cycles past

Isobel tries on a new hat

Cobblestones in the sun

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Somewhere near the station where we'd parked the sprog-hauler, the gang mill around