A Singapore Airlines 747 cruises past

A Singapore Airlines 747 cruises past

The 747 cargo is close enough to read the lettering

We're woken up by a bin lorry

A dude with a parasail at Torrey Pines glider port

The sun sets over the Pacific Ocean

Isobel on the beach at Torrey Pines

An old Winnebago sits on the clifftop

One of the iconic lifeguard huts

Rolling waves and the disappearing sun

A surfer in the breakers

People on the beach

A surfer ties his board to his ankle

A surfer heads in to the waves

Isobel in the dusk

Isobel watches a surfer

The sun is almost gone

A surfer leaves a trail of footprints in the sand

Number 4 lifeguard hut, Torrey Pines

On our way out to the desert, we stop off in Ramona

Isobel in Mainstage Theater

The stage and seating of Mainstage Theater

The owner's dad in the lobby of the Ramona cinema

Funky painted ceiling at the old Ramona cinema

Ramona Cinema

A Ramona sign shop

Main Street and Seventh, Ramona

Small shack/shop, Ramona

More of Ramona

The Route 78 sign and a traffic light

The Treasures Christian Store

Ramona Ace Hardware

The Wild-West style Barnett Bar

A broken cart wheel

Ramona's Mainstage Theater

More of Main Street

The amusingly-named Turkey Inn

Patriotism in a pot

A ponytailed dude strides up the street

Newspaper boxes and a neon sign

Liquor and gas

The 'Rong Branch' saloon, and a bunch of bikers