The stag boys sign in

The stag boys sign in

There's a bit of an introduction

Gov sticks a helmet on

Outside, where the karts are lined up

Marc waves

Gov is installed

The drivers rev their engines in the pits

Mikey P

Gov steams around a corner

An unintentional pit stop

The chequered flag is waved

Gov gives the thumbs up

DH checks that he's pointing the right way

Wavy steams around

Gov gets the racing line

Karting action

Out on the track

Bill zips up his boiler suit

Dave smiles

Gov helps Mikey-P out of his helmet

Hurrah! Guv wins the heat

The gang check their placings

Marc heads up the next heat

Bill looks pensive as he waits for the next heat

Gov on the track

A jet of water sprays up from the rear wheels

Team talk

A bit of overtaking action

Mikey P wins

The skeletal frames of Sunday-market stalls