Guv's Stag-Day Karting, Ellough, Suffolk - 19th January 2008

Guv has a stag-day sessino of karting at the Ellough kart track near Beccles in Suffolk. Nosher has to head over to Cambridge later in the day, and so doesn't quite have the time to do the whole day, so instead hangs around to watch and take a few photos. The track is outdoors, and it's been raining, so there's plenty of water on the track to soak the participants.

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Guv sticks his helmet on

Marc waves

The drivers rev their engines in the pits

Guv steams around a corner

An unintentional pit-stop

Guv gives the thumbs up

DH checks that he's pointing the right way

At the grid

DH gives the thumbs-up as he drives around

Bill zips up his boiler suit

Guv helps Mikey-P out of his helmet

Hurrah! Guv wins the heat

The gang check their placings

Bill looks pensive as he waits for the next heat

Marc out on the course

A jet of water sprays up from the rear wheels

Coming back to the pits

Team talk

Bill looks worried about his position

Struggling in the wet

Billy boy in action

A bit of overtaking action

Mikey P wins

The skeletal frames of Sunday-market stalls

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Guv sticks his helmet on