At the party, sushi is passed around

At the party, sushi is passed around

Katrina, Laura, Marc and Michelle

Laura and a bunny girl

Marc and Michelle on Champagne

There's a whole load of pointing going on

Al and Liz

Celia scowls from in the kitchen

Michelle and Celia

Bill and Pete Knowles

Ben roams around the music room

Francis and Marc

Isobel, Anne and Hani

Pete gurns and makes Mindy laugh

Steve welcomes Paul and his wife

Isobel looks lost

Bunny girls

Vero chats to Paul and his wife

Katrina passes around more nibbles

Laura passes another glass for fizz

Nick sticks his tongue out

It's time for cake

Laura with someone

More cakey canapes are passed around

Anne chats with Isobel

Tiina brings in another birthday cake for Steve

Steve blows his candles out

Steve says a few words

Steve and Tiina get a snog

Steve gets a gift of 'tired skin rejuvenating masque'

Steve's gift basket

Dancing in the lounge

Hannah's doing some disco

Meanwhile, Al's playing some Satie on piano

Vero and Isobel watch as Al plays a spot of piano

Al looks back as he plays piano

Nosher and Al play a bit of duet

Al pulls a strange face

Katrina and Celia

Daniel plays some tunes

Di and Isobel

There's still dancing going on

Bunny tails are waggled about

More dancing

The kitchen is quieter now

Isobel gets her coat

We say goodbye to Tiina

Out on the drive, in the cold