January Misc: A Trip to Orford, and Dinner with Rachel and Sam, Suffolk and Cambridge - January 2008

Nosher and Isobel take the convertible over to Orford for a short trip. We have a wander around the quay and river, poke around the outside of the castle for a bit and buy smoked foods from the smokehouse. Later in January, we meet up with Rachel and Sam in the Gwydir Street, Cambridge, pad for a spot of Thai Red curry.

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Boats at Orford Quay

A collie slurps water from a puddle

Iz on the river at Orford

The wreck of a boat on Orford's river

A nicely-mellowing wrecked boat

The wreck of a boat, framed between two wooden posts

Iz wraps up against the windy cold

The Orford Smokehouse smokes away

A Smokehouse customer meets the cat

Kippers outside the smokehouse

Kippers on a cooling rack

The distinctive keep of Orford Castle

The keep of Orford is orange in the low winter sun, set against a deep blue sky

Soph-bags the cat sleeps under Isobel's 'granny' shawl

A Sainsbury's driver sets an example to customers with a nice display of completely crap parking

A new building on Cambridge Science Park

Nosher's office has had new industrial racking installed to house the vintage computer collection

An abandonned supermarket trolley, near the Beehive Centre in Cambridge

Isobel meets Button, Rachel and Sam's adopted occasional cat

Sam prepares dinner

Button the cat thinks it's people

The cat walks around the dinner table

Sam chucks Button out of the kitchen. The cat doesn't look too impressed

Thai Red curry, ready to go

Another 'cute cat' photo

Rachel and the cat

Nosher holds the cat for a bit

In Nosher's garden, a green Woodpecker is spotted

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Boats at Orford Quay