An abandoned trolley at the Beehive Centre

An abandoned trolley at the Beehive Centre

Isobel's got Button the cat

Isobel looks up

Button says hi to Rachel

Isobel gives the cat a sratch

Sam prepares dinner

Button looks to see what's up

The cat walks around the dinner table

The cat tries to climb into a pan

Sam chucks Button out of the kitchen

Thai Red curry, ready to go

Rachel dishes rice out

Another 'cute cat' photo

Rachel serves up Thai curry

Rachel and the cat

Nosher holds the cat for a bit

Steve Ives in the Taptu office

Celia unboxes a birthday cake

A Fitbillies' 50th birthday cake

Steve gives the cake a chop

Stef helps to dish cake out

Thumbs up from Vero

In Nosher's garden, a green Woodpecker is spotted