A Boxing Day Hunt, Chagford, Devon - 26th December 2007

It's the day after Christmas, and in a nod to the tradition of hundreds of years, a hunt assembles in Chagford's main square. Most of the town seems to turn up to watch the colourful occasion - even local resident and TV's Jennifer Saunders turns up on a horse. The riders and dogs mill around for a while, with the occasional swig of a hip-flask to eep them going, before they head up the road out of town on their foxless hunt.

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An old woman and her dog toddle up to a horse and rider for a cat

More riders join the throng

Jennifer Saunders and her rather nice horse

A small boy on a crazy-eyed pony

The hounds head up the High Street to the square

A pack of hounds

Horses' arses

Pedestrians walk between horses with some trepidation

Mulled wine is passed around

The barman from the local pub wanders around collection glasses

A dog's-eye view of the horses

A horse has a laff

The master of the hunt announces the off

The riders and hounds head off out of the square

The remaining crowds throng Chagford

A little bit of politics

Isobel and Sis

The square is covered in horse poo

We head back towards the flat, after a beer in the pub

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An old woman and her dog toddle up to a horse and rider for a cat