Loading up Jo's van

Loading up Jo's van

Rob's car is unloaded

Jo hangs around outside the youth centre

Max arranges stuff in the van

Rob's stuff, and some PA

Rob checks his special amplifier case

Max looks at a flyer

Henry arrives with more gear

Rob gives his Mesa Boogie flight-case a trundle

Max's van gets filled up too

Jo's van heads off down the A140

On the M25

Derelict house on the A12/M25 near Brentwood

The rest of the band head off to the shop

The QE2 bridge on the Dartford Crossing

The frenzy down to the toll gates

Jo's liking the middle lane of the M25

Motorway traffic

We stop off again

The M23 through a rainy windscreen

Rob hauls some cases into the venue

Nosher's keyboards are all set up

The view from Henry's drum kit

Rob sets up some monitors

Another view from Henry's kit

Hundreds of wine glasses laid out

Rob adjusts a microphone

Henry's kit

Jo mills around behind a couple of Caterham 7s

Max takes a camera-phone pic of Nosher

Rob twiddles around on the desk

More Caterham Sevens

A table full of trophies

Rob adjusts lights

Max pretends to be the emcee, to check spotlights

A Caterham dude tests his speech-shortening crook

Max and some keyboards

We hang out in the bar of the Gatwick Copthorne

The band hang around outside the bogs

Hanging around by the bogs

Henry and Rob

Life in the Green Room

Henry and Rob again

Jo and Max

Jo checks her lyrics

In the 'Sports Bar'

Jo pours some wine into a pint glass

Next day, we check out and head back to the vans

Back at Max's van

The rotunda of the Millenium Conference centre

The PA is ready to go back

Chairs stacked in the middle of the venue

The melee at the toll-booths at the Dartford Crossing

A ventilation funnel above the Dartford tunnel

Cars in the Dartford Tunnel

A new Beetle with flowers on it