The Cambridge Folk Festival, Cambridge - 27th July 2007

Nosher's a bit vague about stuff, and so by the time it came to actually get a ticket, most of them had sold out leaving only a Friday night session. Which was fair enough, as having never been before it was good to try a small "taster" of the event before committing to the whole four-day thrash. The Folk Fest does have a good, hippy-ish vibe, but with three stages there's not always tons of music going on. However, being "folky" means that the bars do have a good range of real ale (rather than the usual shite festival Carling), and so it's almost like a music/beer-fest rolled-in-to-one combo. Cool. Just before turning up at the fest, Nosher had also met up with old college chum Liz, and her husband Paul, having not really seen Liz for twenty years (apart from 30 seconds in Safeway, New Milton about seven years back).

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A whistling dude heads out of the fest as Nosher is on the way in

A wicker fiddler

In the 'Club Tent', some folk music is underway

On the main stage

Nice lighting on the main stage

The wicker fiddler seems to have a tail

Isobel and Qualcomm colleague

Iz sticks her tongue out

Emma and Matt (with Festival hat)

More crowd action

Elswhere, there's a kids' circus skills workshop occuring

Random snog scenes

A million picnic chairs

Our little pitch on the muddy grass

A harpist and fiddler from Scotland, in the Club Tent

Harp action

In the crowd, a bunch of lads have some sparklers on the go

Folk Fest hats, and tie-dye shirts

The wicker fiddler in the lights

Pimms ahoy

A rock/Cajun band are great fun

Guitar, accordion and er, washboard

Green trees

Flags waved in the crowd to accompany The Waterboys' 'Whole of the Moon'

In one of the side tents, there's an impromptu banjo workshop underway

Plastic sculpture

Outside, a couple of kids are building another plastic-glass structure

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A whistling dude heads out of the fest as Nosher is on the way in