A Trip to Plymouth, Devon - 6th April 2007

For the first time in over a year, Nosher wanders down to Plymouth to see Mother and Mike. This time, Isobel comes along to see some of Nosher's old stomping ground, so we wander around Plymouth Hoe and the Barbican for a while before heading off via the Torpoint Ferry to Cornwall. Once in Cornwall, we find a spot on the wide ranges of sand at Whitsand Bay and hang out for a while, looking at the rock pools and sea-creatures clinging to the rocks. Upon our return, Mike has created another impressive feast of fish, and to round off the night he gets out a small still and rustles up a spot of on-demand fire-water for our pleasure.

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No matter how many times I visit Plymouth (and despite having lived there for 3 years), this remains a compulsory shot of Smeaton's Tower

West Hoe, Plymouth

The spot where Nosher would while away many an hour which was meant to be spent revising

Flower garden, East Hoe

Isobel mills around near a K6 phone box on East Hoe

Some dude rides up to the Barbican on a Harley-Davidson

The Plymouth Gin Distillery, once a famouse student pub haunt, now a shop and museum

Inside the Plymouth Gin Distillery

On the Barbican: the customs house (right)

Fishing boat on the harbour

The 'Plymouth Quest'

A mural next to Cap'n Jasper's burger bar, and a bunch of bikers

People hang around near New Street, and the Mayflower Steps

Isobel stands on a podium thing erected over the site of the original Mayflower Steps, where the Pilgrims left to found America

A classic Jaguar XK on the Hoe is admired by all

East Hoe, and Smeaton's Tower

A couple of ships moored at Devonport, including F87 - HMS Chatham

On the Torpoint Ferry

Isobel stops to change feet on Whitsand Bay beach

Matted seaweed clings to the rocks

Standing on the beach

Jagged rocks stick out of the sand

Mussels by the million cling to the rocks and wait for the tide to return

Isobel on the seafront

Aeolian and water erosion patterns

Footprints on the sand

Nosher's feet, and rippled sand

Strange sea-creature

Multiple feet

On the drive back to the Tamar Bridge, a viaduct in Cornwall

Near Meavy, on Dartmoor: sheep

The Royal Oak pub, Meavy

Back at Mother and Mike's: Sis and Matt wait for dinner

Izzy, Mother and Mike

Matt takes a photo as Sis hides

Matt, Sis, Mike (with a towel on his head for some reason) and Mother

Iz and Mother

Action shot: Nosher holds a glass of wine

Matt, who looks like he's doing a self-portrait

Nosher pouts

Mike's mini still is on the go

Iz helps out in the kitchen

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No matter how many times I visit Plymouth (and despite having lived there for 3 years), this remains a compulsory shot of Smeaton's Tower