On The Razz at La Raza, Cambridge - 22nd February 2007

Nosher's new employer takes the entire company out for dinner (well, it's a start-up so that's actually only 11 people). The venue is La Raza in Cambridge - a trendy tapas bar between the Market Place and Trinity Street. The food is great and the cocktails are not too expensive. The venue even allegedly provides "Jazz/Funk in-house DJs", and indeed one did turn up. Five minutes before Nosher left...

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The bar dude makes us a bunch of mint Mejitos

The barman is a blur as Marc waits for the drinks

Racks and fridges full of booze

Marc and Michelle start reading the menu

Nosher looks sideways

Nick comes over to see what's going on

The whole company (apart from the off-ill Jake)

Mishy gets in sideways for a photo

A table piled up with food

Another photo of food


Bob (right) is a blur of action

In the next room, another works do is in effect

Nosher gives his Marguerita four points (out of five)

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The bar dude makes us a bunch of mint Mejitos